Fine Art By Definition

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Paul-Chong2What is Fine Art Photography?

Fine art photography can be referred as photograph that is taken according to the photographer’s intended vision and creativity. It is also a masterpiece of art to showcase the artist’s idea through their desire to create something beautiful to be behold. Like the work of a painter through paints and brushes, so does a photographer with his/her camera and gears. Sometimes, the term can also be referred as artistic photography or art photography.

Fine art photography is an approach to capture images from various perspective rather than point and shoot. It is perceived from a different viewpoint to see photography as a work of art. The photographer first scan through the scene, settle for the view, imagine the final result before shooting. Often, some of the most recognizable and distinctive characters you will find in fine art photography would always portray images with a sense of feeling, mood, expression, special effect, abstract and etc. It is an art work dedicated to produce beautiful images.
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