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I’m Jennifer Squires Ross and together with my husband Darren Ross we run a photography business out of our home in London, Ontario, Canada. I specialize in picture making and Darren is fondly known as the CFO (chief fax operator), he takes care of administrative tasks, plus he makes a mean hot chocolate; earning himself extra points at 5am when I’m off to a location shoot.

I’ve been photographing professionally since 1996, back in the days of over-gelled lights, polaroids, and darkrooms. These days I take a more organic approach to photography, using as much natural light as possible, highlighting what matters most, and allowing it to sing.

I’ve won awards for my photographs, been published in magazines across North America, and have work in private collections in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and beyond. But what thrills me more is to see the the world through the tranquility of my lens.

I specialize in fine art, editorial, and commercial photography, and I want to share my world with you.

“Because starting my day watching the sunrise while I stand alone on a quiet beach is magical, inspiring, uplifting, and really healthy for my soul.”

~ Jennifer Squires Ross

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