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Lamu is an island just off the northeastern coast of Kenya. Its one of those places that takes you back in time. The roads on the island are so tiny that only donkeys can be used for transport and the old Arabic houses shed shade during the hot days. The people are proud and beautiful. One needs to be sensitive when photographing them. Especially the women mostly do not appreciate to be photographed. I would recommend using a local guide to explore the island, at least for half a day, just to learn about it and to find your way within the maze of streets. There are plenty of shops and traditional markets to visit with many little things one just wants to have. Well, although our local guide taught us that one goes to the market to make money, not to spend money ☺ We felt guilty for about a minute or two.
It is definitely photographer’s heaven and if you want to photograph the place in its old shape go soon. Lamu has become very popular and many houses are getting renovated, but within their old Arabic character. And if you want to combine it with beach, ocean and water sports, the area around Lamu is perfect with great resorts just a moment away.
Ute Sonnenberg,

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Ute Sonnenberg
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