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I'm a self taught fine art photographer for 11 years (2001), my own style is the Conceptual and, I'm influenced by Surrealism, Psychedelia and Esoterism. Passionate about photography, also photographs Architecture, Landscape, Nature, People, Portrait and Travel.
My artistic process is best Understood through the concept of "Underlies" the name of my poetic photographic. Notice is poetic and aesthetic values ​​of the real outdoors scenes in everyday life in the light of the Sun, and aesthetic construct my compositions.
I'm inspired by the Masters in Art created painters, photographers. The beauty of nature, the creations of the Sun.
In Times When I photograph I try to keep in mind the Notion of Kosmos; Quantum relativity of this "unique" encounter with the sun in Which I hold the "Machine" Photographic and, I try to keep aware that by forging a photo is added artifact with weights Historic Document and Work of Art to this reality.

My target are Collectors, Galleries and RM uses

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2012 - Two works selected for exihbition ABSTRACTS 2012: the alternative eye, at 1650 gallery Los Angeles
2011 - Two of His conceptual work received the "Selected Award FIAP".
International Exihbitions

2011- Accepted Award 5º Zajecar Tourism - FIAP contest (Ordi Calder was one of two Brazilian photographer selected for the exhibition)

2011 - Accepted Award 14º China International Art Exihbition - FIAP contest (Ordi Calder was the only Brazilian photographer selected for the exhibition)

Individual photographic exhibitions:

2010 - Exhibition Intersections in Time. Museum of Old Hill water tank. Cuiaba, Brazil.
flickr.com/photos/ordicfoton/sets/72157625157106768 /

2009 - Exhibition "Light spellings, graphic facts" SESC Arsenal, Cuiabá.

Honarable Mention:
2005 - Honorable Mention in the first look at Cuiabá. Misc - Museum of Image and Sound in Cuiabá

Art Salons:
2004 - Selected in the Hall Young Artist Art Grosso

2003 - Selected in the Hall Young Artist Art Grosso

Ordi Calder, 32 years, Fine Art autodidactic photographer for 11 years (2001), full time artist, is “multidisciplinary” in its formation. Two years ago decided to devote all his time to fine art photography.
Since childhood Ordi proved to be a creative child, always had the facility to design and 10 years of age, approximately (1989), since shooting with compact cameras, while he was ill for a guitar that won his father and beganlearn in school of guitar.
An Ordi of the interests of the child is from side “mystical” life, esoteric.Between 1998 and 1999, attends the Gnostic Esoteric School, and absorb knowledge that would have profound impact on his personal vision of the world and further development of his poetic photo.
It was also at this time that Ordi began working as a Graphic Designer for Visual Communication and Outdoor Media, the company of his father. He had learned almost alone to work with Corel Draw, and made sketches of the layouts that his father would send to the Company’s Designer then working.

During his teenage years was the music was what most attracts and, at 18 (1998), already working as a designer, bought his first electric guitar and some time later, riding a power trio Trash Core who rehearsed for a few months, with the end of this first project band, it goes into starting another band in which he would devote the next four years: 2000 to 2004 he played bass in a band indye Rock n ‘Roll.
Continuing his way multidisciplinary Ordi In 2000 enters the University History.

The attraction for photography is still present, and it intensified in recent years the practice of photography when using the compact film, parallel to the band and the university. He bought his first SLR camera on 30/12/2001. The magic and endless possibilities of photography fascinated him, and he became obsessed with learning; wanted to catch up. He began to study history in “background” and Photography with all your strength; He attended the university library (UFMT) to study the classics of photography books and the newer, more than 10 or 15 anose also acquired photography magazines of the decade 70, went to sign the Netional Geographic after buying more than 20 back issues; parallel still found time to study Contra-Bass and to rehearse with the band.

Ordi Calder nearly died in June 2004 when he suffered a very serious accident when riding his motorcycle, he was in a coma for 21 days; Ordi had miraculous recovery. He says that for the Coma species had “dreams” that marked a profound change in your life; First attitude a few months after Coma: He left the band that was since 2000, finally, and only devote a photograph, something that tried before , recognized his quality, but they could not because, like the photograph, his passion for music was rooted in childhood.

Ordi formed BA in History in 2006. Due to family pressures decides to Graduate in Graphic Design, He knew that photography was born with it, did not need a postgraduate degree in photography, but a profession. He was studying in Sao Paulo, attended museums, galleries, exhibitions and much photographed; Completed the course in 2008. Back to Cuiaba, Mato Grosso and opens a studio and Oficce Home, “can” divide his time with Fine Art photography and graphic design, but in March 2010, after two solo exhibitions, two young art rooms, an honorable mention, and especially for believing in what he does, finally decides to be Full Time Artist.

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