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Steven Sklifas

Steven-Sklifas-portrait-small My name is Steven Sklifas and I am a professionally accredited photographer (AIPP) based in Melbourne Australia. My client base is wide and varied and my images have graced book covers, magazines, newspapers, wall murals and won awards.

I specialize in Mediterranean Heritage and Travel photography.

My entry into photography was back in the early 1980’s when I purchased my first SLR, the Ricoh XRS, the world’s first solar-powered camera. The camera is still in my possession and occasionally I dust it off nostalgically for a ride down memory lane. For past decade, I have been exclusively using Nikon equipment to capture my images.

Since that auspicious day back in the early 1980’s, I have travelled the world, camera and rolls of film in hand, witnessing and capturing breathtaking sites; however it is the Mediterranean that has had the greatest impact on me and continues to inspire and educate me.

I have travelled to the four corners of the Mediterranean, guided by my intensive research and learned knowledge of the region, and driven by my passionate quest to visually capture and promote the absolute magnificence of the region, hopefully helping to ensure the preservation and appreciation of its manmade made and natural heritage for current and future generations.

My personally shot Mediterranean library is one of the world’s largest private collections, making it a compelling source for image researchers, publishers, academics and educators. It encompasses images of Archaeological Sites, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Architectures, Antiquities, Religions, Landscapes and Garden villas and Travel and tourism.

I am available for commissioned assignments, consultation and workshops throughout the Mediterranean region and other selective international locations. I welcome and encourage all inquiries no matter how extensive or obscure.

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