The faces of “Made in China” – a new portraits’ collection by photographer Lucas Schifres takes us to meet the makers of our stuff

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One third of all objects around us are “Made in China”: this table, that computer, those blue jeans… Today 33% of global manufactured production comes from China. But behind this wonderful production machine are men and women. I met with these workers, to tell their story, to put a face on those who manufacture the objects we use every day.
I carried my photo studio (200 lbs) around China, in factories producing electronics, industrial cranes, blue jeans, etc. I asked the workers to stop their work for a minute and pose as they were, without washing their hands, wearing their uniform or carrying their tools, if any. I didn’t tell them to smile, I gave no instruction, I just let the silence settle in, and captured the truth of their faces.
Lucas Schifres
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