Cloudy Howth Sunrise

Howth Cloudy Sunrise
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Some months ago I happened to be in Dublin for other reasons than photography but I made sure to put aside some time to get at least some photo opportunities. Prior to the trip I did some google maps research looking for good locations around Dublin to get decent sunrises. The place which seemed most wild and at the same time had good exposure to rising sun was Howth, small peninsula north east of Dublin, about 30 minutes drive from the city.

Right after arrival I drove there just to get the feeling of the place and looked for best spot, and found one (google maps 53.364261,-6.05399). The main problem was that it was about 100 metres down the cliffs. Now I had to find the path, I knew there must be one. It took me a while but following different tiny footpaths I finally managed to get down to sea level. And it was worth it, narrow rocky bay with opening directly to predicted sunrise path according to compass. Next days I had to face only 2 different problems i.e. getting up at 03:00 a.m. and hoped for the weather.

Somehow the motivation helped me to drag my guts from hotel bed when it was still dark. First look through the window and disappointment - Clouds and rain. Nevertheless I drove to the place and hiked down to the bay setup the tripod, frames and waited. Nothing. Gradually the day came upon me but the sky look simply grey and nothing else. The following day appeared to look the same. In any case I did take some shots just to have something to remember.

On third day finally situation changed. It was still cloudy, but clouds seemed thinner and more colourful, different shades of greys and I got the shot. Sunrise appearing in tiny gap between horizon and clouds. The moment lasted literally 2-3 minutes. Since I was there I saw colours coming I knew that I would get something today. At this moment I forgot all past days issues with getting up so early.

I like this picture and hope that can visit Ireland soon again, so many photo opportunities.
Jerzy Biń
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