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Pands-chines-150 Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I recently moved to the USA. I studied Social Sciences for 2 years, but realized that I always wanted to mix my interest of that with visual arts. While growing up I always showed a lot of interest and appreciation for art, but never found a way to express myself other than drawing, which I never really considered myself good at. Watching a close friend teach another some basic photographic knowledge made me think of photography as something interesting to study. It was a perfect combination of a way to express myself and work with art and sociology at the same time.

While lots of artists like to photograph people, my work was never focused on that. In the beginning of my career I used to do a lot of close up and abstract photographs. Even self-portraits were just abstract photographs with some depictions of loose, detached parts of my body. I've broadened my view to a much larger scale, photographing and processing cityscapes in a very personal way, to demonstrate the places I've lived and visit. I believe places can show a lot about people, sometimes even more than portraits. The way that cities influence people is more striking to me than individual characters alone.

Changing from film to digital gave me more control over the subjects of my photography. My photos were always representations of personal visions of my surroundings, but when done in film the results were experimental, more research. I chose the subject, but my final impression was something that I needed to wait and had less control over it. Moving to digital gave me more power to have the final result over the subject chosen, a very personal and accurate representation of my idea. My art comes after the capture it, is not the naked eye literal vision of the place, my memories and feelings towards the subject are expressed then by the post-process techniques applied.
My current subjects sometimes creates interest because they are already known though depict in a non obvious way. It's hard to believe that they will share the same feelings I did when the picture was made, but having additional emotions towards the images and understanding they are not just stills of subjects, that there is a deeper history behind each photograph is one of my main goals.

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