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Steve Mason

IMG_1505 Over the last twenty years Steve has shot for the largest retailers and service providers in the US and Europe. Advertising, Direct mail, Retail Sign, Web, he has covered the range of usage in every media.

His advertising and print experience has covered the gamut from International Cruise Lines campaigns to Financial Services.

Extensive location files fill half his studio and he has location support around the world to match. He has not been everywhere...but it feels like it sometimes .

Steve has worked the range of locations from studio fashion in Munich to winter ski photography in South America. From hanging outside a helicopter shooting action to underwater print campaigns for swim wear.


Specializing in Domestic and International locations, pre-production consulting, film and digital capture. Post Production support, editing and fulfillment.

Motion work in video or film. Pre-production storyboards and concept. Production and location support. Editing and post production.

Steve Mason


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Seattle WA 98506
United States


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