When a Hobby becomes a Passion

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photoselecA bit more than ten years ago digital photography entered our lives. Up until then, photography was something for the people with lots of patience, chemistry knowledge, the space or a willing family member to turn the kitchen into a dark room and time to spend the whole day in it. This changed rapidly with digital photography. Also the less patient and knowledgeable people, with no dark room and little time started doing photography and a bug nestled in them they didn’t know about. It was the bug of passion.
The early adopters had the first digital point and shoot cameras just for fun, ending up being drawn into photography, moving on to SLR, just surrendering to the surge photography can cause in someone’s life. It happened almost unnoticed or we decided not to notice, because it’s so nice and we ended up spending more time with photography than any analog hobby photographer ever spent in a dark room, looking at our pictures, processing them, making photo books or other presents we can share with family and friends. Early adopters are nowadays huge crowds and there is probably nobody left who is not mesmerized by photography. A personal hobby became a global passion.

Ute Sonnenberg
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