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James-D-BW1 Over the past year, my photographic direction has come of age and I am moving forward with reason and the reality of the what, who and why I photograph. Like any student of the arts, I search to find ownership of my own talent or lack of. I pray and trust that I remain always capable to learn so I may photograph and represent truth in meaningful and beauty images. That said, I would still shoot what make sense for I have to pay some bills. But I must join with other creatives and artists to find the appropriate way to give back, not just for the sake of being righteous, but to truly make a difference. It is a lofty goal, and I pray for the strength, ability and intelligence to do it well. So I reach out to you the readers, viewers and fellow photographer for assistance. Please help me to keep on track by offering your guidance, experience and comments. Thank you.

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