Mini Brochures You’ll Love!

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portraitsmallMy husband often gets inquiries about our photography services while he’s at work, so this week I decided to make a cute about/pricing brochure to give those and other potential clients rather than just handing them a business card or telling them to have a look at our website. In photography (and so many other business types) it’s all about providing the client with an exceptional experience from first contact and making yourself memorable. I’m happy to share this (very) cost effective idea with you!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Scissors, approximately 14″ of ribbon, hole puncher, 5″x7″ pre-cut paper
(FYI, for color schemes, be sure to use colors that represent your business or brand for a cohesive look. I tend to stick with a black, white, and gray color scheme in my website, blog, business cards, packaging, wedding brochures, and now these cutie pie mini brochures.)

•Create your design using the software of your choice (I used Microsoft Word since mine included a lot of text). Be sure to include your logo, contact information, and any other information that people typically want to know about your company/business at a glance. In my case it’s types of sessions/photography we do, pricing, and what pricing entails)
•Print your design (the first page of mine is printed front only and the second sheet is printed front and back)
•Place both sheets together and make a hole in the top left corner using your hole puncher
•String your ribbon through the hole and make a bow
•Voila, you’re all done (it really doesn’t get any easier than that!)

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