Photographic Interpretation of Crazy River

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I've always had a visual come to mind whenever I hear Robbie Robertson's song 'Crazy River'. I envisaged a moonlit evening in Louisiana in a field...and a car.
So, for some reason, I decided to tackle the subject in Photoshop. This took several layers and a lot of tweaking. I started with a purpose-shot image of the field with grass and trees at sunset (near my own home, not in Louisiana!) and filtered the layer with blue light. The moon was from an old slide. It was placed on another layer, and I used a mask with opacity adjustment to get the clouds from the background shot to appear to be in front of the moon. Another shot of the night sky provided the stars, and I took a little artistic license by painting in the comet/meteor.
Finding a ’59 Chevy and lighting it for the scene would have been near impossible, so I ordered a scale model from eBay. I used filtered strobe light to illuminate the car, and added a yellow LED under the dash to make it appear that the dashboard and radio were lit. Finally, I photographed myself under orange-filtered strobe, and plunked my image in the back seat. Lots of layer masks were used to make this all work, as well as the burn tool to create the car’s shadow.

Gordon Wood
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