Yellowbelly Racer Attack

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This Yellowbelly Racer first ran up towards our pond at blazing speed, from the marshy area below. It stopped at ponds edge, in a coiled & upright stance. Then through the water, with a few missed strikes at the leopard frogs there. Finally, it wound its way up through, and deep into the rocks that make up our fountain. It cornered this large one, and the frog squealed for at least five minutes or so as it tried to escape. All out of sight inside these rocks, but dramatic none-the-less.
This shot is at the point where the snake's backing out of the rocks, with frog in tow. In the end, the frog escaped believe it or not. As I moved closer, the snake let go it's grip. It noticed the "Incredible Hulk" approaching 😉
So a happy ending for you frog lovers out there!
F/14, 1/1000th, ISO 320, 1D M3, 300mm f/2.8 + Kenko 2x ext and hard light at noon sharp, no flash.
Location: Texas Hill Country.
POST SCRIPT: During the course of this day I had the pleasure of watching both male & female pairs of Roadrunner & Cuckoo birds hunting frogs at the pond. There's a large crop of frogs this year, so the hunting's good. If you're a snake or a bird that is 🙂
Howard Cheek
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