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A 40 year old girl lovingly restored.

Leigh Thomas

west-bay-HDR-Panoramic-101 Hi my name is Leigh and I currently live in the MIddle East, Doha, Qatar to be exact. I am originally Welsh and studied Geophysics at University hence my first love in Photography is Landscapes!! I frequently travel and will always carry my camera, especially on visits back to Wales. Since my children were born I have become an avid portrait photographer, having invested in a home studio this year. Really enjoying the control of studio photography.
Another aspect of my photography interest is HDR, this could be my analytical and perfectionist sides expressing themselves. My most resent project was an HDR panoramic of the Doha City Skyline, 5 scenes of 7 bracketed images stitched together, yes thats right 35 exposures!! This took 2 hours in 37 degree heat! I like to suffer for my art!

Leigh Thomas


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