Another work of Ordi Calder selected for exhibition in Los Angeles

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ordicalder-fine-art-pohtographer150Ordi Calder is a self-taught fine art photographer for 11 years, Historian Expert in Graphic Design. Two years ago decided to devote himself full-time to developing his work Photography. Since 2002 he takes part in competitions and salons, as did two Individuals and he collects some major holdings in international competitions as two "Selected Awards - FIAP" (International Federation of art photography) (see the list below).

He´s heavily influenced by the Ideas of Art revolutions in the early twentieth century, which resulted in Photographs taken in moments of respite from the real, mystical moments that convey the silence and poetry of life. The Calder Photography, flirts with Surrealism, Abstract Art, Concrete Art and Suprematism, prominent brands in their work.

At this point, Ordi is looking for representation by a gallery. You can find 10 photos in Limited Edition for sale in from "Spellings Light, graphic facts" series.

In these 11 years, he produced a collection of photographs Stock partly available at and soon available here for Prints. This is the Ordi's best work Architecture, Nature, People, some Editorial / Photojournalism, Portrait, Travel and Scapes.
International Exihbitions
2012 - A work selected for exhibition "It's a Sign: the medium is the message", at 1650 Gallery Los Angeles, EUA
2012 - two works selected for exihbition ABSTRACTS 2012: the alternative eye, at "1650 Gallery Los Angeles", EUA

2011 - Accepted Award "5º Zajecar Tourism", Sérvia - FIAP Contest (Ordi Calder was one of two Brazilian photographer selected for the exhibition)

2011 - Accepted Award "14º China International Art Exihbition", China - FIAP Contest (Ordi Calder was the only Brazilian photographer selected for the exhibition)

Individual photographic exhibitions:

2010 - Exhibition " Intersections in Time". Museu do Morro da Caixa d´água velha (Museum of old water-box Hill). Cuiaba, Brazil /

2009 - Exhibition "Spellings Light, graphic facts" SESC Arsenal, Brazil

Honarable Mention:
2005 - Honorable Mention in the "Primeiro olhar Cuiabá" (First look at Cuiabá). Misc - Museum of Image and Sound, Brazil.

Art Salons:
2004 - Selected in the " Salão Jovem Arte de Mato Grosso" (Young Art Salon of Mato Grosso), Brazil

2003 - Selected in the " Salão Jovem Arte de Mato Grosso" (Young Art Salon of Mato Grosso), Brazil
Ordilei Caldeira
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