Thistle Fly (Flesh Fly)

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This image made it to the first round in the Nature Conservancy Contest for 2012. I sent in the high-resolution file yesterday. Wish me luck?
Flesh Fly (Sarcophagidae) perched on a Milk Thistle bud, shot in the spring of 2012 in Central Texas. I spent countless hours this spring shooting in and around a very large thistle patch, with most blooms as high as six feet. The pink Milk Thistle attracted all types of insects and arachnids, providing a bounty of interesting macro subjects. I observed & photographed spiders, beetles, and the flying hummingbird and clear-winged moths to name a few.
I primarily like to photograph songbirds, and provide running water via a pond and run-off stream on our land. I use multiple feeding stations to feed the birds, and check daily for migrating visitors passing through our wildlife certified habitat. F/16, 1/100th, ISO 640, 1D Mark III, Sigma 150mm f/2.8 + 1.4x extender & fill flashed. Monopod for support.

Howard Cheek
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