Interpreting Images

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DeWolf_20120104_6192Photography is a form of recording life. Adjusting, or editing, the photograph is a form of interpreting life. The magic happens after the picture is taken when the artist bends and twists the information to give the image personality.

Although I am often guilty of over-interpreting by giving too much emphasis to the parts of the scene that I want to strengthen, it is best for edits to be subtle. Think of it as a stew where no single ingredient dominates and takes the mystery out of the creation.

A great image demands the viewer’s attention, but stumps him or her as to what it is exactly that is so captivating. Too much color saturation or over-manipulation of light and shadow, for example, causes the maker’s interpretation to be obvious. It’s like someone stating a profundity and then repeating it. It only needs to be said once to have the right effect.

That being said, this foggy scene of the Japanese Boat House has about 3 hours of editing into it. Hopefully no one sees that.

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