Underlies “What in the world is smaller (microcosm) reflects what is in the larger world or universe (macrocosm)”

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odir-sombra150"What in the world is smaller (microcosm) reflects what is in the larger world or universe (macrocosm). Hermes Trismegistus
The geometry exist throughout Nature: An order that underlies the structure of everything from molecules to galaxies, from a virus to a elephant. The geometry underlies even the thought and every geometric form is invested with deep meaning, psychological and symbolic. Currently in our technological and scientific peak are removed from the natural world, but still tied to the natural laws of the universe. Since the dawn of mankind geometric shapes were inseparable from magic and religion, and endowed with magical powers and deep psychological meanings, knowledge possessed by the Priesthood. With the sophistication of these practices geometric shapes have become outward symbols of faith.
The Harmony inherent geometry was recognized as a credible divine plan that underlies the world, a metaphysical standard that determines the physical standard. Perhaps the greatest mystic principle represented by the geometric shapes is attributed to Hermes Trismegistus: "What in the world is smaller (microcosm) reflects what is in the larger world or universe (macrocosm)”.
This Photographs Explored the aesthetics Beauty Projections produced by sunlight in shadow, in urban environments on artificial surfaces created by human hand, to form graphics, symbols and geometric shapes found in the outdoors daily. By using these geometry present structures of all natural formations, Organic or Inorganic Universe in all, human constructions embody somehow these transcendent aspects of sacred geometry related metaphysical structures of the universe.
Sacred Geometry (circle, square, triangle and hexagon) concerns all manifestations of the continuum is Universal and symbolizes ancient Esoteric values, the Immutable Reality in our Transitory.
Currently we are bombarded with visual information at all times, imposed by messaging by commercial channels of communication and production systems, tentacles to strengthen the domination of Human Being and Maintain this System. My objective is compose new readings of objects or scenes now common to today's look, and create aesthetic beauty out of the mainstream, the abstracts That cut the "canonical information" Appropriate photography.
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Ordi Calder is a self-taught fine art photographer for 11 years, Historian and Graphic Design Specialist, He's full-time Photographer has two and a half years.
Ordi have One Work "Selected Awards FIAP - International Federation of art photography" and Ten (10) Selected Works in international competitions.
Ordi offers his photographic work in Limited Editions and Prints.
Uses partners PhotoShelter as Adorama, Fine Art America, or according to customer request.
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