Limited Editions

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Profile-Picture-SmallEvery artist pondering the concept of reproductions, especially photographers whose every piece is a reproduction, wonders if limited editions will increase sales.

Over the years I’ve observed some negative aspects of limiting editions:
• Some artists fail to keep accurate records of the number of actual editions, thereby destroying the mission, the purpose, and credibility.
• Some images sell well and artists often offer the same image in a different size as a “new” limited edition, thereby destroying their own credibility and eroding the reputation of the limited edition concept.
• Some limited editions don’t sell out, either because there is little demand or the artist offered too many editions, or both.

In order for limited editions to have integrity, artists and the galleries should be disciplined. Print few, keep good records, and retire the image completely.

With the exception of one limited edition image early on in my career, I don’t offer them. I may not have the perfect alternative, but it works for my clients and me. I maintain a collection (The Collector Series) that
• Garners a respectable price for each print
• Is printed with the highest quality materials
• Is guaranteed for permanence
• Bears my personal signature
• Are not printed by anyone but me

Non-Collector Series images are also available. They sell for less and their rights can be purchased.

As with everything valuable, its integrity is foundational.

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Brian DeWolf
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