Charles Despres & Jee Yan Chu

Portrait of a captive silver-eared mesia (Leiothrix argentauris)

Charles Despres

JY-CD-150-x-150-px We founded Red Meadows Nature Photography in 2008. As photographers, we are passionate about showing beauty in the natural world through our cameras. Trained as scientists, we strive to bring rigor and studio-like quality to our photography. Our goal is to document the natural behavior of our subjects without compromising their welfare, all the while promoting respect for the environment.

Our current focus is on the birds of North America and Asia, with the Niagara Region of southern Ontario, Canada, as our home base.

By using state-of-the-art equipment, we aim to show the world the finest details and beauty in the birds’ plumage, no matter how “dull” they may appear to a casual observer. Sometimes it is the plainly coloured and patterned plumage that allows them to blend in perfectly with their surroundings, thus enhancing their chance of survival. We also try to capture interesting moments in the birds’ behaviour. In our opinion, every species deserves to be on the front cover of any pictorial publication.

Our pictures are available as stock photos on our website. We also work with nature magazines, local educational institutions and naturalist organizations.


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