Unexpected encounter with a roe deer and her two fawns

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Arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea) flying over sunlit waterDriving through the lush summer landscape near Härnösand in Sweden we suddenly spotted a roe deer in a flowering meadow, standing in the shade of some small trees.
We stopped at the road side, and since we didn't want to disturb her we only let the window down and choose a small hand-held video camera.
Suddenly a fawn sprang towards the roe, she sniffed it and it began to suckle. After a short while a second fawn appeared and began to drink too. She licked her fawns and some minutes later she slowly led them towards some bushes that were situated closer to the forest adjacent to the meadow. There she hesitated a moment, watched out for potential predators, and ran over the open pasture towards the forest. One after another, her fawns followed her, the second fawn taking it's time while mother and sibling waited for it at the forest edge. Then they disappeared together between the trees.
It was a magic experience.
Ulrich Kunst and Bettina Scheidulin
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