100% money back guarantee.

The Advanced plan, buying SEO as a group, has become a real tool with which to enhance the number and quality of visitors to our individual websites.

From the beginning, I said that the system, like any good and honest SEO system, works slow, and it can take up to four months to yield any result. The result I have promised is very simple, an increase in number of visitors to the site of the advanced plan subscriber.

Of course, when a subscriber, for whatever personal reason, does not want the service anymore, he or she can stop at any time, simply by canceling the monthly payments. The links created by the system will have effect because they are permanent meaning that the member gets what he or she has paid for.

With this said however, when a subscriber cancels the subscription, perhaps feeling unsatisfied because site visitors were not as numerous as promised, then the system has failed. In light of this, I have come up with a solution should this situation ever arise.

A 100% money-back guarantee when no significant increase of visitors is realised after four months.

In practice.

When you are an advanced plan subscriber and notice that there is no significant increase in visitors to your website after four months (the time the system needs to prove itself), you can simply cancel your payments and send me a print-screen of your analytics which will report the first, third and fourth month. These print-screens are required as proof and feedback to the SEO companies I work with.

In cases where there is truly no increase in visitors, all of your payments, $120 (4 months x $30), for those months will be refunded.

I hope this is clear.