Sergio Ballivian Photography

A young woman running and jumping on a salt flats at sunrise

Sergio Ballivian

100204_SergioB_Portraits_bySerbo_06_2 I read through your invite, read lots of pages on your website and blog, looked at other members, tried to digest the SEO tutorials, and overall wanted to evaluate what you offered and why. Then I did the math. At this point I am convinced that if I spend a little time I should improve my results and if I spend a lot of time, my results should be much better. I like the money back guarantee. I like the straightforward approach where all is clear. Time will tell if I made the right decision.
Sergio Ballivian

PS: there are a few minor 'cobwebs' on my current site that will be fixed shortly, so do not be influenced by those minor issues.


Boulder 80301
United States

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