Sergey Grachev

grachev I was born in Leningrad, USSR, and still live here, but now it’s St. Petersburg, Russia. I began working as a photographer in the 20th century, and soon I was shooting for a wide variety of magazines and newspapers. In 1994, I began to work for international clients. From 1996-2004, I was a staff photographer at the English- language newspaper, The St.Petersburg Times. I did photography projects for the Ford Foundation in 1999, for NPN worldwide in 2003-2007, the Adam Smith Conference from 2000-2013, and for Nokian Tyres in 2010-2012.

I have done exhibitions:  Prague, ”Ten Years After” in 1999; in St. Petersburg, “Faces of The Times” in 2002; and “Exhibition of One Day in the Hermitage Museum” in 2003. I also participated in the exhibition in the St.Petersburg Manege, ``Melodia e passione Mediterranea'' in 2011. I was awarded the Grand Prix of “Photographer of the Year, 2002″ contest in St. Petersburg.

Who cares about the past? Now I am a freelancer and I successfully work with my Scandinavian neighbors, such as the biggest newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat, the business weekly; Talouselama; and Dagbladet in Norway. I also work with The Guardian, and the Daily Telegraph in Great Britain, as well as Adam Smith conferences, and others. In the USA, I’ve been published in The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, and others. Despite all these achievements, I do not rest on my laurels and I am always looking for new and interesting projects.

Sergey Grachev


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