Death Valley Roadmaster

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We came across the bullet hole riddled Buick while exploring the Eureka Mine, which is now within the boundaries of Death Valley National Park, and not far from the remains of the vandalized house of Pete Aguereberry in nearby Harrisburg.

In 1905 when Shorty Harris and his greenhorn partner Pete Aguereberry discovered gold in Providence Ridge it led to a short term mining boom in the area. Shortly the tent town of Harrisburg grew out of the high desert. Of all the prospectors and miners who toiled in the Eureka Mine only Pete persisted, working the mine until his death in 1945. Pete was also responsible for cutting the road to Aguereberry Point, which he did so that he could show his friends the spectacular views of Death Valley that can be seen from that location.

Who the car belonged to is a mystery. Some sources say it was Pete Augereberry’s but the car would have to be a pre-1945 model for that to be true. This particular Roadmaster body style was used by Buick between 1942 - 1947 and I suspect, based on some of the trim work, that it is a 1947 model. Another rumour was that the car belonged to a banker in nearby Skidoo whose wife would take it to Harrisburg to visit Pete, which might also explain some of the bullet holes.
Rick Pisio
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