Polar bear – white – yellowish – dirty


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Dirty Polar bear ( Ursus maritimus). Not every Polar bear is white, not every polar bear is yellowish, not every polar bear is dirty! This summer we have encountered 3 polar bears on one little island in Svalbard. One very dirty, one with a quite white fur and the third one with a more yellowish fur. For sure those 3 polar bears had their fights on this island. Polar bears are known to live solitary lives! They have been stuck together on this island waiting for the ice to come back to Svalbard. How far can a polar bear swim? At our visit the pack ice has been far up north, a very long way for a polar bear to swim. They can swim for days. But can those few days swimming cover more than 600-1000km to reach the pack ice?
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Anette Mossbacher
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