Print Of The Month: December 2013

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Paul-ChongEver thought about collecting art and discovering the joy of experiencing art collecting? Now we are offering our special print of the month for you to not just collecting our beautiful artwork, but you are also entitled to receive our multiple benefits and services including free shipping, discounts and more. Each month, we will feature one photograph, selected from the top most viewed and favorite by the public domain. Read more below to discover about the unique features covered in these collection.

One photograph will be selected for each month with special offer
The print is available for size “16×20”, and you can choose either frame or unframed
Limited Edition applied and hand signed by the artist
The print comes with a special discount of $100 USD
The offer will only last for a month
Shipping is free (included) with world wide delivery
Any photograph from our previous month is also entitled for free shipping. However, special discount will not be available.

16×20″ Matted unframed- current special price $265 (original $365)
16×20″ Matted with frame- current special price $365 (original $465)

About This Photo: Seaside Bonsai, Penang, Malaysia
This photograph was taken during a morning walk along the seashore of Penang Island in Malaysia. As the sun rises over the horizon, I can feel the morning breeze of the ocean wind while enjoying the gentle sound of the wave washing over the shore. Over the sandy beach, it’s just an amazing moment to appreciate the arrival of the new day. With the warm sunlight bathing over me, I came to this particular pile of rocks with an old aged tree standing strong and still alongside. Alone yet unique in shape. I decided to capture this powerful moment to express an idea of a timeless scenario. As we mature in our daily life, we are like this mighty tree, standing still, strong and with endurance.

About Our Unique Warranties:
1. 100% Money back guarantee
Each single artwork that you invested is covered with our 1 full year to decide, 100% money back guarantee from the day you make the order. If for any reason that you are not satisfied, you can return it to me for a refund or exchange.

2. Lifetime fade-free warranty
All artwork comes with a lifetime fade-free warranty that can last for generations of enjoyment. We use archival digital fine art photo paper that exceed ISO 9706 museum grade standard to meet galleries and museum’s longevity requirement and have passed through 5 print permanence tests by Wihelm Imaging Research, WIR. If however the color of the photograph changes or fade overtime, let me know and I will change a new one for you without any cost.

3. Assurance of safe arrival and delivery
Your artwork will be properly wrapped and protected during delivery to avoid any damage. For matted artwork only, the photograph will be placed in between two hardboards at both front and back. As for framed photograph, it will place and protected in a wooden crate to avoid breaking, scratch, knock and shock if fall. However if your artwork arrived damaged or broken, I shall replace a new one for you at no cost.

4. And also, including a total of our 14 warranties to protect your investment.
Paul Chong
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