Hold The Ice – Arctic


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A seagull flying into the image from the right! With elegant moves it made it's way to the left in front of the silky iceberg wall. The sense of scale, the seagull! Flying out of my viewfinder, gone. I was looking for a good composition, but still something missing in the scene. There it was again, the white seagull came back. Gliding from the left side, above the "smooth" iceberg, parallel the ominous banding sky, to the right. A slight right turn, there was the white seagull, gliding, wings spread, my wish came true. Yes, that's the one I wished for, in this composition. Do you see the seagull? The sense of scale for this huge iceberg!
New Landscape & Wildlife images have been added to my Arctic Stock Gallery.
Anette Mossbacher
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