Top 2013 Nature Images including Wildlife Photography

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The year 2013 has closed down. 2014 opened it's door, waiting for new adventures, new journeys and many more photos of nature and wildlife. This year in 2013 I did not travel much, or did I? With all images on my hard drives swirling around like the hands of a clock, sometimes it's difficult for me to remember. Thinking about it and seeing all folders sitting under my 2013 file, it looks like I did. Oh yes, right. A trip to Spain, France and Austria, not to mention all the trips to Germany! The best journey I took this year was like a dream come true; to Svalbard in the Arctic. Far north. I was lucky enough to get a spot on the tour of great photographers in Europe.

The dream had come true. Going through my head was that I needed to prepare for a place I'd never been. At 82-83 degrees, a place that was very cold, filled with ice, close to north pole. Lots and lots of ice. Witnessed the birth of ice as well how far the ice retreats in summer time! Something to think about and to react! We were surrounded with ice like I'd never experienced. The expedition for polar bears sleeping under a full moon high above cliffs. Many other wildlife in the Arctic region and Atlantic was breath taking, not to forget the light, faaantastic. An experience that will stay with me forever.


In this post I have compiled my favorite images, and they have been hard for me to choose. Every image that I took is my favorite and every image has a story behind it. Not to forget they are all like my children on those swirling hard drives. And those hard drives are going all day, every day and only rest when I travel or sleep or I'm walking my dog in the forest. All images I have chosen from the year 2013 you will find in my blog.

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