“Elephants” of the Pacific: Part II

Northern Elephant Seal [Mirounga angustirostris] Cow and pup
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PpBL-0003Two ends of the season of the wonderful Northern Elephant Seals as they have come and gone and come again to the shores of California and two sets of images have been added to our photo files and online catalog. We have had the honor and pleasure to travel from Colorado to the Pacific coast to watch, listen and photograph first the hundreds of elephant seal juveniles and sub-adult males and females as they hauled onto the beaches to rest and practice their moves prior to the oncoming mating season after spending most of the year at sea. And then, the breeding season which sends back out to sea the younger ones, while adult cows come in to have their pups just before the big grumpy bulls arrive to terrorize the younger bulls and breeding females in a quest to dominate the beach and mate. This event is one of North America's true wildlife spectacles. You'll find plenty of elephant seals among our wildlife collections on our website and learn more about these beautiful animals as well as others on our blog. Come visit!!
Barbara Magnuson & Larry Kimball
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