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Oryx Gemsbok African wildlife fine art image, an Oryx standing in the vastness of Africa's landscape. In Namibia you meet nearly on every corner wild animals while driving on the "wrong" side. On my journey through Namibia quite many Oryx and many more different species of animals have crossed my path on my route. The Oryx is the largest antelope species in Africa. This image is from my color fine art portfolio. Processed a tad different in Photoshop with help from Google NIK Collection.
There are four species of Oryx. The Arabian Peninsula Oryx, the other three Oryx are native to the arid parts of Africa. Their horns are remarkable very long and nearly straight. They do have black markings in their face, belly and legs. Usually they live in herds and prefer desert conditions, like savannah, grassland or dunes.
They can go without water for a very long time. 
On my journey through Namibia I have seen Oryx in various locations. On rocky deserts, in the red sand dunes in the Namib Naukluft Park or like in this image, just beside the gravel road in the grassland in front of red dunes. It was a very hot day, the air was boiling, most wildlife I have seen beside the road were in the shade of trees or big boulders scattered in the vastness of the Namibian landscape. When I have seen a few Oryx on the road I just turned off the engine of my jeep and was rolling slowly towards the animals. Well, they have been standing on the road! They slowly moved into the grassland, always keeping an eye on my jeep. When I stopped rolling, window down hoping that the animals start not to run away. Slowly I was taking my camera out of the bag trying not to make hectic moves, since they watched me very closely. They have been very skittish always looking, when I did a to fast move they were running away. This single Oryx was very curious about my jeep and me. Looking back straight into my camera to see what I am up to. While standing there for quite a while two more Oryx came over to have a peak what is going on here. It was quite funny when all 3 Oryx have standing in a row looking at me. Moving a bit around but their eyes constantly on me. When I was finished with taking images I turned on the engine of the jeep, the Oryx took off right away.

The EXIF of this image:
Camera: Canon MK IV
Lens: 70-200mm L IS II set to 200mm
ISO: 200 f/18 1/400sec

The image is available as a print on various materials. Like canvas or printed on aluminum as well on photo paper. You wish to have personal contact, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone. The print of my image is also available to order on my website.

By Anette Mossbacher
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