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All of the nature images being offered with a coupon code for 25% discount off the regular price. Anette Mossbacher has taken all fine art photography prints. Anette is a recipient of numerous awards and these collections of fine art photography prints are now for sale in a limited time frame, from 2nd of November ’14 till 1st of January 2015. If you like your image signed, please do not hesitate to contact Anette.

Fine art photography goes beyond capturing a landscape, wildlife or long exposure image on camera. It is the production of an image that captures the vision, emotions and perceptions of the photographer. These fine art photography prints portray the essence of fine art photography over landscapes, black and white images, wildlife and long exposure images, as captured by the artist, Anette Mossbacher.

Limited edition prints for sale:
The collection of the limited edition prints of the fine art photography collection are as well for sale with the promo code of 25% discount. This collection of limited edition prints consists of a limitation of each print of 75 per image. On request Anette will sign the image. These Fine Are Limited Edition Prints are long term investments, carefully printed in sizes and format to your specification. As the edition sells for a certain photograph, its price appreciates accordingly. This helps to ensure your fine art photography prints becoming a valuable investment over time. The printing of the limited edition images will be handled by Anette herself.
Anette Mossbacher
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