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Ulrich Kunst and Bettina Scheidulin

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Intensivelight – that's Ulrich Kunst and Bettina Scheidulin, living in Västernorrland in Sweden. We are working as professional photographers and filmmakers for more than twenty years.
We moved here after years of travelling because we fell in love with the vibrant nature and fascinating culture of northern Scandinavia.
Surrounded by deep forests and many creeks, lakes and rivers, we can enjoy capturing wildlife near our home.
Our main subjects are nature, wildlife and culture. Both having an artistic background, we love to play with the tools photography offers and to play with light, time and motion. This makes it possible for us to find new angles to well-known subjects and to tell the stories of people living close to nature.
The light here in northern Scandinavia has its own magic: from golden nights around midsummer to the red glow of short winter days and the immense starry skies of the long winter nights. You can find real tranquility in the vast nature, hearing only the songs of birds, the humming of midges, the porling of water and the rustling of leaves. Even time feels different here on the border to Lapland, the rhythm of life is slower.
Working as freelancers, we're producing professional photography and documentaries from Sweden. Our goal is creative photography, showing animals in their natural environment and real life as it is, not staged. Fine art prints can be ordered from our website.
Our work has been published around the world in books, advertising campaigns and in movies and commercials. Among the clients using our footage are the BBC, PBS and Pinewood Studios.

Ulrich Kunst and Bettina Scheidulin


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