Aleksandr Stikhin

Photography has been my passion for decades. It gives us reflection of the past. As soon as the shutter closes, capturing the moment, it becomes your voice, your unique point of view of reality. Of course, every person's view is different. Some simply collect events and objects, without even bothering with lighting; others mind the dynamic between light and shadow and make it a focal point. I am drawn to the latter approach.

In the era of technological advancement, it is rather humbling to look back and reflect on what being a photographer meant in the past. I still remember my first roll of film and the challenges I faced with it in a dark room. The horizon was not horizontal, all vertical lines were far from being vertical, people were walking on walls, water was running up. Now, with the help of computers, scanners and PS, Apertura, Capture, photography is a changed discipline. No more chemical smell, no more white spots, no more fiddling with fingerprints... Everything has gotten easier. And more complicated.

Nowadays everyone has access to a computer and, by changing various parameters, can turn any photograph into a work of Dali or Renoir. I refuse to partake of these techniques. I still want my horizon to be horizontal, vertical lines to be vertical, and water following the laws of gravity. Thus, in my work I only use basic functions and never resort to plugins and filters of any kind. White must stay white, and black must stay black. After all, it is the magic of real light, the beauty of natural colors and the balance of actual composition compel us to take a camera and make a shot.

about the picture: Moscow, 2011. This photograph is not cured. Therefore you will not see the golden domes of Kremlin, blue sky, and its blue-ish reflection in the Moscow River. Just the contours of Kremlin and the cathedral, the riverbank and an empty road along the Kremlin wall. I believe this is still the best photograph of Moscow I have ever made.

Aleksandr Stikhin

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