When bad weather is good

Autumn in the Uncompahgres
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PpBL-0003Evening light fades with a few clouds, doesn't seem too threatening so off to bed. Sometime in the night it starts with the wind rustling and sighing through the trees. Then there is a swishing and scampering across the camper roof as if an assemblage of mice were dancing, probably the wind scattering leaves. The gusts get stronger and other than the sound of wind the night becomes silent. First light comes late and seems subdued but we are in a high mountain valley surrounded by higher peaks, the sun always seems overdue. A look outside is at first a shock and then the giddy realization, snow! Just a few inches, 3 or 4 but enough to transform the fall beauty we came to photograph into something more magical. There is an adage that tells us that bad weather makes for good photography. Does it? As in all things it depends on what the subject is and what the photographer is trying to capture.

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Barbara Magnuson & Larry Kimball
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