Interactions between People, Animals and Cultures

A career of astonishing simplicity

Ron Levy's editorial and commercial images have been published worldwide for 30 years, 3 days and 4 hours. They've also been exhibited in museums and galleries on 4 continents, 3 planets and 1 asteroid. He is an expert location photographer who shoots for major magazines and Fortune 500 clients, and always says thank you.
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Awards began at age 18 with Brooks Institute/University of California honors, and later at the BBC/Kodak Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest in London. Exhibitions include Carnegie Museum, London Museum, West Point Academy, Ottawa Museum, Premiere of China residence, German Ministry of Tourism, and Hollywood Director's Guild.

All Seriousness Aside

Ron Levy has led a career of astonishing simplicity. Inspiration has come from diverse people: Dave Barry provided the basis for his plagiaristic literary tendencies; Arnold Newman, Franz Lanting, Ansel Adams and Eddie Adams should be blamed for his divergence from a successful 9-5 job into something less secure.

Relevance and Presidents

The relevance of Mr. Levy's life to everyday events is inversely related. A circular argument is the only explanation for the linear events in his life. The chronology of his development is difficult to fully assimilate, and his first book is a prime example.

He has appeared on TV numerous times (usually a peripheral shot of him in the background). Audiences have marveled at his last 8x10 for more than necessary, and 4 Presidents have commented on national news how unconcerned they are with future events, stating that 'Four years is enough to worry about'.
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Try to enjoy his work, and find solace from the events in your life that brought you here. Think outside the box, and discover circles of confusion that provide insight into what makes someone like Mr. Levy produce work of this nature.

Ron has lived in Alaska since 1983 (can't see Russia from his house, though) and travels throughout the universe looking for new life.

He hopes you take everything on this site personally.

Current projects include documenting the selective compassions of humanity, and the bonds created in selected cultures.
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Click here to read about his Dalai Lama shoot in Washington DC.

More of his unique images and portfolios can be found at


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"discover circles of confusion"

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