Tell A Story!

Profile-pic_lensdepictions“Because there is always a different depiction”- This is the tagline of lensdepictions.com.

Her “Artist’s statement” reads:

“Depiction is- meaning conveyed through pictures. And when these depictions come from a photographer’s lens, they are lensdepictions!
The beauty of photography as an art is, every depiction is different from the last one on the subject. There is always another perception, another perspective and another vantage point to capture that split second moment, and make sure it doesn’t pass by, becoming invisible forever...
The ultimate quest of a photographer, thus, is to depict that particular meaning, idea or soul of the subject which otherwise would have been remained elusive & undiscovered!
At lensdepictions, this quest is on…”

Gyaneshwari Dave, the young Indian photographer behind the website is a technocrat by education. She studied to have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and then a Master’s in Business Administration. She always dreamt of entrepreneurship and her immense passion for photography inspired and led her to the creation of lensdepictions.com.

She loves nature and constantly finds inspiration from it, for the photography, for the life. Her philosophy behind nature and conceptual photography is that - a frame should be captured when you catch it telling a story to you, and you should try and capture it in such a way that the resultant photograph is capable enough to tell the same story to the other person who looks at it.

In the photograph featured here, she had seen the “one-ness” between the god and the nature, and the fact that the cross is overlooking the valley conveys the message that the beautiful landscape was being taken care of by none other than the almighty!
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Gyaneshwari has a flair for writing and the story-telling style of hers also gets reflected in her blog. Apart from writing about her photography, she compiles unique posts weaving her images and her words together in an interesting and refreshing way.

In her opinion,

“Subject and composition is the most basic but the most important aspect of any photograph and this is one of those crucial factors that make professionals stand out from amateurs.

For one thing, the fact that there is no blank canvas to start with, is the true challenge of photography as an art as against other art forms such as painting, whereby one has the liberty to create and depict a scene as per his/her own wish or sensibilities.
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Also, in today’s world of everyday digital revolutions where cameras are getting more and more intelligent and their functions more and more automatized, there is one thing no camera ever, however advanced it is, will be able to do is - suggest compositions to the photographer! And only a true photographer will triumph in that front.

And thus, the avalanche of the powerful, smarter than ever, cameras in the market should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat for the serious photographers. Because, there can be thousands of people who may be able to afford a Ferrari, but then everyone is not a Michael Schumacher!”