Picturing the Americas

I felt totally in love with America.

My name is Inge Zuelich. I grew up in Midwestern Germany.

I've always been an adventurous person. My first time travelling without my parents was a backpackers trip through Central America. Three month in countries so different from everything that I knew and everything that my world had been before. This trip opened my eyes to the beauty of the world; a beauty that is sometimes mind-blowing and obvious; sometimes it is, where it is least expected and easily overseen.
In Nicaragua, a poor and unstable country, I found wonderful friendly and welcoming people. The curious, enthusiastic niños de la calle conquered my heart in no time. They owned barely anything but the sparkle in their eyes made me wonder, how they could be so happy.
In Guatemala I enjoyed lakes and waterfalls surrounded by the incredible rain forest. Exploring the jungle, always watching out for animals, insects and reptiles; climbing ancient Maya Temples and getting lost somewhere behind a volcano; swimming with tropical fish in the Caribbean ocean: I had found my elements!
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I felt totally in love with central America. Over the years I came back many times: for a 6 month internship in Mexico, a volunteer job in a Costa Rican zoo, scuba diving in Belize.

Each time I brought a better camera to capture all the wonders that I found on my way. Most of the cameras suffered damage on the trips, but that was only a good reason to get a new one.

In 2008 I moved from a sweet south-German town to New York City to explore city life far away from home. I discovered a jungle of a very different kind, and I'm still exploring the specialities of this energetic multi-culture melting pot.
To my surprise traveling in the States is also very worthwhile. Whether in the desert in Arizona, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Key West or icy Minnesota, mother nature’s variety seems endless and I can't stop exploring and admiring it.

My photographic interest can be described as 'Picturing the Americas'. It is a mixture of Landscape, Editorial, People, Wildlife photography and not limited to these categories. I am enjoying the New World and capturing the moment, the beauty and astonishment.

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