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Hi my name is Benjamin Hiller.I was born in 1982 into a
German-American family and was raised with a humanistic and cosmopolitan world-view. I have specialized in conflict photojournalism as well as in people/corporate photography. I studied visual anthropology at the Heidelberg University and afterwards absolved a professional trade
school for photography.
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Since 2008 I have worked world-wide as a freelance photographer and
journalist, covering regions and public events such as the G20 Summit
in South Korea or the ongoing Kurdish conflict in Turkey and Syria.

My photos get published in national as well as international newspapers,
magazines and were exhibited in Germany and Turkey. Furthermore,
through my study of ethnology/anthropology I also became interested in
the themes of travel/culture photography.
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My shown Image was shot in the Kurdish region of Turkey during a protest at the Turkish-Syrian border town Nusaybin. The young girl holds a flag with the portrait of Öcalan, the founder of the Kurdish Guerilla PKK. Minutes later the sit-in was attacked by Turkish police forces. One 56 year old man got shot by a gas-grenade and brought, in the state of coma, to a nearby hospital.

Specialties: photojournalism and corporate/people photography

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Benjamin Hiller
Luederitzstrasse 7
13351 Berlin

Phone: (+0049) 30 - 77905267
Mobil: (+0049) 151 - 50914666

Published in National and International Newspapers

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