Adding sound with still images..

I've always been drawn to the storytelling side of still imagery.

Two months ago I began a new and added direction for my still photography. The addition of sound. For some time I've been pondering the changing media landscape for photographers, many are adding video to their offerings. I think video has a proper place but I've always been drawn to the storytelling side of still imagery. I enjoy a series of still images pieced together as more of a composite of what drew the photographer to start making the images they display for us.
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But it isn't just the still image, their is the other world around when they are made, the sounds, smells the motion. Video imagery captures this but there is also the creation of sound and stills integrated together.

The world of sound is a whole different thing, I've learned. There is a unique skill to be able to edit sound, then mesh it together with still images.

In July I started down this new path. I attended a Santa Fe Photographic Workshops program on storytelling, the world of still images and sound. Since then I've produced one piece and will be embarking on others.
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It's located here:

"My Body..My Art" will be a series on individual's and their body.

I returned to my serious interest in photography 6 years ago with the development of better and less expensive DSLR's. Since then I've upgraded my equipment and have looked to find interesting images around the world as I've traveled.

Integrating this interest with sound will be a new creative undertaking.

Enjoy my gallery of still images and look for the future with "sound".

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