DaniLew Productions

Snow weighs down trees as a snowstorm blankets the landscape of a Virginia suburban community. (Danielle Lewis/Photo by Danielle Lewis)

"beauty in its most primitive shape"

My name is Danielle Lewis. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and now live in Fredericksburg, VA, USA which is just outside our nation's capitol Washington, DC.
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Growing up in a steel-making town where the skies were sometimes made ugly with soot and now living near a city with its white-marbled greco-roman architecture has made a deep and everlasting impression of me.

The snowy landscape image is a favorite of mine; it shows my preference for monotone even with a splash of color. We were in the midst of a record snowstorm at that time and although I wanted to record the historic event, I could go no further than my own front door.
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Color imagery is basically the same for everyone; it's vibrancy is ingrained on our minds. While I do capture images in color, my great love is infrared, especially in monotone, split tone, or black & white.
My niche is fine-art landscapes. I love nature but I try to show its beauty in its most primitive shape and form so that the viewer can only imagine...

Danielle Lewis
Fredericksburg, VA USA
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