Marc Pauzé, Storyteller of humanity

Suitcases full of stories

Finding herself pregnant at 17 after many rapes from a man in her community, Rosalyn Mathias, an Algonquin from Long Point First Nation, Canada, was so afraid of talking to her parents. A few weeks later, she moved away from the family camp, got a miscarriage, alone in the forest… Wiping her tears, she buried the foetus and returned to the tent. It was in July 1965.

«I carried that secret for 30 years. For all those years, I suffered in silence. Lost, I tried to forget in alcohol and drugs.»

First nation women must count mostly on themselves to undertake the healing process. For Rosalyn, healing went with going back to her roots. Contact with her culture started by going back in the bush. On one of these outings, she found the place where she lost her child, 43 years earlier. A tree grew at the exact spot. A few weeks later, she returns to do a ceremony and close the circle with that event. As she get there, she gathers cedar leaves and makes a circle around the tree.

Then, crush by emotions, she takes a moment to hug the tree and talk to her lost child. Or maybe to her lost childhood.

Marc-André Pauzé is an award-winning photo reporter whose mission is to explore, document and share the human story by means documentary photography to inform, honour and reminisce. His journeys provided him with suitcases full of stories and photographs. His tales of the human condition are told through his eyes, his heart and his camera lens.
He now works as a freelance photojournalist, after his partnership with Sipa Press.

His work has been featured in such publications as the International Herald Tribune, Libération, Harvard School of Public Health’s World Health News and the Gesca Group. He also worked on an Amnesty International world campaign.

He was the guest of honour at the 8th Rencontre de la photo de Chabeuil (a photography festival), in France, and was a finalist at the 2009 Grands Prix du journalisme independent (Independent Journalism Awards). His documentary exhibit entitled “L’humanitude dans l’ombre” is presently being distributed throughout Quebec. Furthermore, his multimedia documentary, from the same project, is being shown in many educational and training institutions. In April 2011 he published his first book entitled “Les Carnets Humani Afrika”.

Documentary photography, Photojournalism, Native North American (Amerindian), Human Right, Medecine

Marc-André can be reach at 1 (347) 480-1299 and is currently living in Joliette, Qc, Canada

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His mission is to explore, document and share the human story