Mike Shipman: Blue Planet Photography

Comfortable in the field and in the studio

I'm a self-taught photographer with a B.S. in wildlife biology. I worked in the wildlife field for the Colorado State Parks system, Denver Museum of Natural History, US Fish & Wildlife Service, National Forest Service, and private consulting. I broke from the rigid box of science to further explore my interests in art and science because I can't be locked into a certain path. I like to explore them all. That applies to my preferences in subject matter. My interests are broad and varied, from landscapes to automobiles, industry to environmental.

I'm comfortable in the field and in the studio and don't have many fears or reservations about locations. I'll photograph in the canopy of a rainforest, a mile underground in a silver mine, on the ocean or in a Fortune 500 boardroom.
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I'm flexible, creative, easy-going, and professional.

Mike Shipman
Blue Planet Photography, LLC
Commercial * Editorial * Stock * Fine Art * Classes/Workshops
Idaho Commission on the Arts Teaching Artist

From landscapes to automobiles, industry to environmental

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