Shooting Wildflowers

Kevinv-BW-smallSoon wildflower season will be here and thanks to the wet fall the wildflowers in Central Texas are expected to really really nice! I'm looking forward to getting out and trying some new techniques that have been rolling around in my noodle. The one thing about wildflowers is everybody loves to shoot them...the same old way! Selling wildflower photos has gotten harder harder with all the competition out there willing to in some cases give them away for free. In response, I've noticed a few photographers have gotten really creative in the approaches which has inspired me to do the same. I think people are looking for fresh looks at fresh flowers. Really, even HDR has gotten way over used. Recently I was talking with one of my clients who is an art director at one of the national photography magazines and he was telling me he is done using heavily photoshopped and altered landscape photos. As he said, "They just are not real, a pack of photographic lies". A little harsh, but somewhat true. Being creative is good and using manipulative techniques is fine, as long as you do not pass it off as real. Real being if one were to have been with you at the time, they would have seen what you captured in front of the lens themselves.

So, what can you do to stand out? Light is your paint. Use light in creative ways. I play with it all...flashlights, neon lights, strobes, moon light, foil, mirrors, etc. There is no real formula other than pushing the envelope, trying new things and failing a lot in between successes. I'll be leading a couple of wildflower expeditions in March so if your interested in learning some really cool techniques, check it out. The lodging and meals are included and we are staying at the Canyon of the Eagles Resort on Lake Buchanan in Texas, which is very cool in and of itself! Here is a link to SHOOTING TEXAS WILDFLOWERS ( http://www.texasphotoworkshops.com/node/216 )

Kevin Vandivier

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