Wallace Weeks Photography

A Travel Photographer

The objective of the images that Wallace Weeks creates is to ignite emotions. Creating images that spark a sense of serenity, curiosity, marvel or desire are special to Wallace because he feels it first. Wallace says “If that was not enough, experiencing different cultures of the world while creating my images makes what I do very special to me.”

From the culture of creativity that is Paris, to the culture of community that is Luang Prabang, and the culture of diversity that is Chicago, the photography of Wallace Weeks expresses what is important to the people in a location. The subject of each destination is best described as cultural anthropology.

Wallace’s travels began before his ability to remember was developed and the love of photography began only a handful of years later. Wallace has studied and practiced photography since the age of 12 and first got into the business more than 40 years ago. His early experience in the business was derived primarily from event and studio photography. Given the lifelong travel activity, it should be no wonder that the business has migrated to be specialized in travel photography. However specialized it may sound travel photography includes portraiture, architectural, food, sports, landscape, and sports photography.

Today, Wallace’s Orlando, Florida based business produces images for the assignments of advertisers who want to make people go to a place. It may be a small café, city, county, or a cruise to many places. Images are also produced for the assignments of magazines, books, and electronic media that publish travel related content. And, Wallace produces stock photography for several stock agencies, has a direct licensing system, and produces art for decor markets. His images are used worldwide.

Sharing his passion with others who are interested in traveling with a camera is another part of his business. For this, Wallace Weeks Photography produces workshops and programs to help others get more and better pictures from their travels, publishes educational content, and in 2012 will begin to operate international photo tours.

If you would like to view Wallace’s photography or learn about his events you may visit his website at www.wallaceweeks.com.

Tel: 321.730.6857

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