Fine Art B&W Photo Print Of A Giraffe Drinking Water In The Desert | Wildlife Photography

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A thirsty Giraffe is drinking at the edge of the desert at a waterhole in this fine art B&W photograph. A Giraffe has to spread its front legs quite far to reach with the mouth the water. Drinking water makes a giraffe quite vulnerable to predators. When a giraffe’s head comes up, that usually happens quite fast. Some giraffes even clap their legs together to stand right away correctly again.⁠ This female had a calf. When both animals arrived at the waterhole, they kept their distance. A lion pride was lurking on the other side of the water. Both giraffes were exceptionally cautious, and it took them about 40 – 45 minutes until the adult animal finally was drinking. Also, the calf did not even dare to get close to the water.

Anette Mossbacher
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