Fine Art Wildlife B&W Photograph Print Of A Majestic Lion • Wildlife Photography Wall Art

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This majestic African male lion is looking straight at you in this fine art B&W wildlife photograph. He is proudly standing in the vastness of the African Savannah. Shortly after, this massive predator was walking back to his pride, which has killed a young elephant during the night. Around this elephant, all lions of the pride gathered eating or sleeping. In late afternoon the pride has left their food to go back into the bush to find more shade to relax.

Indeed one of the largest predators are the lions after they come to the famous Bengal tiger. The thick mane around the male lion’s neck protects them during fights with other lions or prey. Of course, this thick mane also impresses the lionesses. Prospective male lions for a lioness must have a more abundant and more massive hair. It should be eye-catching for a lioness. Male lions will only breed as long they can dominate a pride. When the time has come, and they do not win any more fights, they will lose their mating rights of the pride. African male lions can weigh around 150 – 250 kilograms / 330 – 550 pounds. Their length can be between 3 meters / 9-10 feet long.

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