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Anette Mossbacher

Having a deep interest in the natural world, I have dedicated my life’s work to be a photographer. Indeed, I am a wildlife, landscape, and nature photographer. Wildlife and landscapes inspire and excite me. As such, I have had great opportunities to travel to almost every continent on the planet. That gives me the burning passion for capturing unique moments in nature.

Challenges for me are a source of motivation. My background in sports has played a significant role in giving me the drive to do what I do. Undoubtedly, it has given me the ability to keep a positive mindset and stay focused while out in the field.

Getting that one unique photograph takes effort and time. To fully understand the challenges that await a wildlife photographer, you have to be out in nature. You have to know the freezing Arctic or the burning desert. My experiences have taught me the importance of dedication and commitment – also hard work, and most of all – patience. You must become one with nature and wait for the perfect moment. Be still, be quiet, and Mother Earth will reward your patience.

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