Water The Subject of Art Paintings by Eric Zener

Water The Subject of Art Paintings by Eric Zener

Girl diving into water an art painting by eric zener

Eric Zener was born in Astoria, Oregon, and began his career painting water in 2003. His works often feature women diving into or swimming in the water. His work has been compared to the Barbizon School and Hudson River School. He has been included in many private, corporate, and museum collections. His works depict the inner self and are inspired by nature. His works are available for purchase online.

The paintings in this series depict a young girl diving into water, as well as other aquatic scenes. The subject is a woman. The painting is highly detailed and resembles paintings by Barbizon School and Hudson River School artists. Both groups were influenced by romanticism and landscape paintings in the mid-19th century. The artist manipulates light to create psychologically charged atmospheres. The subject appears exposed but is actually submerged.

Eric Zener is known for his oil paintings of lone figures. His recent pieces are more abstract and have more of an impressionistic feel. While the swimmer paintings are highly disciplined, he relaxes and creates a working mess. In doing so, he achieves a happier accident. However, these pieces do not depict any animals in them. They depict women in water and are accompanied by images of a tropical paradise.

The weightlessness of the diver in Eric Zener's painting captures the vulnerability of human beings. Water is fundamental to life and yet is often manipulated to flow freely from the faucet with a twist of a knob. In this work, the water is free of human authority and is dictated by the body's movements. If we are not careful, we may end up drowning.

The artist uses water as a metaphor for the changing moods and emotions of his subjects. His paintings are composed of multi-dimensional layers and depict human emotions. These works often have a realistic appearance. They are often composed of lone figures swimming in water. It is often difficult to determine the identity of the person in the paintings and the sitter in the images. While these paintings can be confusing, they do have a calming effect on the viewer.

A self-taught artist, Eric Zener has become famous for his underwater paintings. His work focuses on swimming pools and lone subjects. His style is described as Contemporary Renaissance. He began to paint underwater in 2003, in Costa Brava, Spain. His paintings have been compared to those of the Hudson River School and the Barbizon School. This makes sense, as these paintings are filled with human emotion.